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Ombré is a technique which originated in France and describes a hair colouring technique, where a darker base colour is gradually lightened along the lengths, usually starting around midway, giving a sun kissed effect.


Balayage is an advanced colouring technique and is taken from the French word meaning 'sweep' it is achieved by foiling and using a free hand technique of painting the colour onto the hair. It is a softer technique compared to ombré and creates a seamless grading from darker to lighter tones.

Ombré vs balayage - what’s the difference?

One of the most common misunderstandings when it comes to colouring techniques is the difference between ombré hair and balayage.

Ombré hair is a colour technique of seamless graduation from darker to lighter, whereas balayage is a  highlighting technique.

Both of the above techniques can be customised to you, so it’s a good idea to bring a photograph for inspiration of the look you would like to achieve, as pricing is usually based on a consultation to achieve the desired look.Trends come and go but it looks like softer natural looking undone hair is here to stay! Over the last few seasons we've gone from foiled highlights to ombré and now to a more softer look called balayage.

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