Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup can change and enhance your brows, eyes and lips. The results last meaning you save time on your daily beauty routine. There are lots of treatment options subtle to defined , understated to glamorous.


All of our nouveau contour treatments consists of 3 separate appointments:

1. Your consultation

2. Your first and main tattoo appointment

3. 4-6 weeks later a second tattoo appointment to top up your colour


Hair stroke brows - £450

One of the most popular brow treatments. This uses imitation hair strokes and subtle colour tones for a natural, youthful look. Suitable for clients with natural brow hair or brow hair loss. 


Lash enhancement - £350 (top and bottom) - £250 for just top 

With subtle colour tones and application this is the perfect treatment if you want improved definition without eyeliner. 


Lip line - £275

A subtle lip line using tailored colour to give a more permanent lip line. 


Lip blush - £375

With a natural tailored colour boost the look for fuller plumper lips. 


Lip blush and re-contour - £450

With a natural lip blush and a new lip line to be re-contoured giving improved lip balance and facial symmetry.