Balayage & Ombré

Trends come and go but it looks like softer natural looking undone hair is here to stay!

Over the last few seasons we've gone from foiled highlights to ombré and now to a more softer look called balayage.



Ombré is a trend that started a few years back worn by celebs like Alexa Chung. Ombré can feature quite a darkened down root fading through to lighter ends almost like a dip dye effect. As the ombré trend has slowly started to fade out and clients wanted to get away from the harsh two tone hair and into a more natural look in came balayage...


Balayage is an advanced colouring technique and is taken from the French word meaning 'sweep' it is done by foiling and using a free hand technique of painting the colour on. It is a lot softer compared to ombré and is supposed to look sun kissed and natural the lighter tones of colour is painted higher up the hair and the hair framed around the face is lifted lighter.