A Lift

About the A Lift Treatment 

Using proven, leading edge technology, the A-Lift treatment employs minute electrical frequencies, which tune into the body’s natural biorhythms, to re-energise the skin cells.  It uses the 3 phases of micro-current which are also used in traditional non-surgical and non-invasive lifting treatments and incorporates 2 phases of unique nanocurrent. This provides a superior  treatment that improves skin health, facial contours, smooth lines and wrinkles. These amazing results are noticeable after the first treatment and last up to six months with regular treatments. 


A-Lift Skin Regeneration

This treatment incorporates cell regeneration, contour lifting and lymphatic drainage

1 Treatment - £65.00

6 Treatments - £350.00

10 Treatments - £550.00


The A-Lift Spa Treatment

As above, and includes face, neck and shoulder massage together with spa rituals to combine relaxation with deep skin regeneration

1 Treatment -  £85.00

6 Treatments - £450.00

10 Treatments - £750.00